Mission Statement

CENTRA Mission

CENTRA is “a step ahead” in providing excellent analytic and systems engineering services to government and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on producing essential knowledge, objective analysis, and innovative solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

CENTRA assists its clients to carry out their critical missions by:

  • Providing independent, rigorous analysis enabled by advanced technology.
  • Creating innovative products and solutions to empower decision-makers and increase competitiveness.
  • Exploring the unknown and aggressively assessing both risks and opportunities.

CENTRA’s greatest asset is its mission-oriented people. They provide the ready expertise and the excellent products and services that consistently delight our clients. They lead the industry with their reputation for high professional standards, exceptional customer service, ethical behavior, and unassailable personal integrity. CENTRA’s people embody core values that earn trust with their clients and ensure the company’s future success.

Whether you want to join the CENTRA Team or engage our services, we are eager to share our vision for success in a dynamic world.