Analytic Services

Analytic Services

CENTRA Global Access provides customized analytic support for critical operations and strategic decision-making for governments and private clients with needs in such sectors as:

  • Defense & Security
  • Internet Services, IT, and Cyber Security
  • Computer and Consumer Electronics
  • Energy, Gas, Oil, and Petrochemicals
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality
  • Mining and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Materials
  • Food
  • Consulting
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Insurance and Investment
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mining and Engineering

We offer:

  • Informed In-Country Perspectives. Our multidisciplinary, multinational analysts have native-language ability, societal insights, and functional expertise in country-specific business, security, military, political, economic, energy, cyber, and legal disciplines.
  • Global Coverage. We have analytic teams covering the United States, Latin America, China, Hong Kong, Africa, Iran, Russia, India, and the Middle East plus a 4,000 strong global network of experts.
  • Digital Coverage. We monitor native-language open sources, including social media (social networking sites, blogs, miniblogs, YouTube) and multimedia (Internet, press and publications, video, geospatial, and imagery), as well as official records.
  • Customization.¬†The clients determine what they need (concise analysis, in-depth research, ad hoc answers), how often it is needed (on demand, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), and how it is delivered (email or secure, dedicated web page).


  • In Review: Analysis of major issues occurring at the national, regional, and local levels.
  • Special Analysis: In-depth assessments upon request.
  • Domain Awareness Reports: Area and situational awareness for strategic and tactical planning.
  • Security Operations Snapshot: A short-term roundup of threats to personnel, infrastructure, supply chain, transportation, cargo, communications, and facilities.
  • Alerts: Time-sensitive material affecting¬†operations.
  • Live Mapping: Dynamic displays of real-time data and analysis.
  • Threat Assessments/Mitigation Solutions:¬†Provide warning and suggested responses for a wide range of threats to government and business operations.
  • Supply Chain Analysis: A major counterterrorism tool.
  • Deep Diligence/Compliance: Key support to business-to-business operations.