CENTRA offers a wide range of training courses, tailored to the clients’ needs and delivered in many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Korean at company sites, CENTRA, or online.


  • Open Source Exploitation. Tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Geospatial Methodology. Tools and techniques for mapping and analyzing imagery.


  • Analytic Tradecraft. Critical thinking, analysis, writing, and briefing skills and exercises for individuals, collaboration, and alternative analytic approaches.
  • Advanced Analytic Tradecraft. Link Analysis; Probability Analysis; Predictive Analysis; Alternative Scenarios and Futures; Avoiding Surprise; Managing and Planning Analytic Work.
  • Warning and Indicators. Monitoring/modeling threats; tactical and strategic warning.
  • Introduction to Geospatial Analysis. Emphasis on predictive analysis.
  • Intelligence-led Cyber. Non-technical overview of cyber threats; bad actors: intent, penetration tactics, and signatures; defensive security practices; threat assessment and strategic anticipation.
  • Integrating Statistics into Analysis.¬†Assessing data-rich inputs and deciding how best to present the results visually.
  • Strategic Analysis. For security; corporate planning; market research, expansion, and acquisition.

Product Design and Delivery

  • Thinking at the Decision-Maker Level. Understanding work flow for senior officers; stakeholder requirements; role-playing; shadowing.
  • Executive Daily Brief. Customizing format and content; obtaining and responding to feedback.
  • Briefing Leadership. Briefing skills and exercises.
  • Visualization. Tools and techniques for knowledge creation and finished analysis.

Analyst Management

  • Leading and Managing Analysts. Understanding personality types, work flow organization, setting/meeting deadlines, and supervision. Integrating tools and techniques into work process. Optimizing research and analysis. Practical tips on directing analysts.
  • Evaluation and Coaching Analysts. Facilitating individual contributions and team work.
  • Managing Sources. Via case studies and exercise, overview for guiding information access and validation; best security practices and information protection case studies, exercises, and tailoring of concepts to the real world environment.

Personnel Security

  • Defensive Briefings. Travel and deployment best security practices. Sociocultural awareness.