Quality Assurance

CENTRA’s quality assurance program is based on established quality assurance procedures and staff training, internal quality monitoring and review practices, regular reporting, and working closely with our customers to obtain feedback about CENTRA’s performance and product quality. As a result of the quality assurance program, corrective action needed in procedures and practices can be immediately identified and remedied.

Our quality assurance procedures include established formats and guidelines for contract deliverables, staff training on product standards, and mentoring and review practices. Quality assurance procedures will be shared with our team members and our proposed staff members will act as a unified team to fulfill the practices established in this quality assurance program.

CENTRA Program Managers directly solicit performance assessments from CORs and designees for written products delivered and activities conducted. These assessments are regularly conducted and reported so that if corrective action in procedures and performance is required, it can be acted on promptly and in an effective manner by the CENTRA PM and DPM.

We have established a Quality Assurance Board that will meet periodically to review team performance for SeaPort-e and recommend improvements to procedures and practices. The Board will include CENTRA Vice President Engineering Ms. Curtis, SeaPort Program Manager (PM) Mr. Kevin Test and the subcontractor team POCs. The Board will draw on the monthly reports that CENTRA will prepare for the COR, so that problems are identified and senior management can identify best practices across programs. When the PM and his Deputy review the monthly status reports, they will flag those needing special attention from the Board. As the PM produce performance assessment reports based on Seaport-e sponsor feedback, the Board will review them, suggest improvements, and identify best practices.

In summary, CENTRA is systematic about quality assurance. As an organization, we learn and adapt to serve our customers with consistent excellence, and we will do so for Seaport-e.

Quality Assurance
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