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CENTRA Technology Team Members:

Courage Services, Inc

Courage Services, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of CENTRA Technology, Inc. and is an industry leader in the field of sociocultural research and analysis. Courage’s core competencies are rooted in in-depth cultural and geographic analysis within dynamic political, social, cultural, and economic environments. Since its inception in 2003, Courage Services has conducted open source data collection and analysis – bringing together both archival and contemporary sources – to produce human terrain geospatial databases, gazetteers, societal hierarchies, cultural primers, and focused analytical assessments. Courage has been instrumental within the human terrain community in identifying essential data elements for sociocultural analysis as well as employing innovative solutions to package those elements in order to provide immediate operational use. Courage’s research and analytic services help empower government analysts, planners, and decision makers with a baseline cultural knowledge upon which the current operational environment can be overlaid and further analyzed to enhance and shorten the decision-making process. Illustrative of this support, Courage has provided US Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS) with in-depth cultural and tribal analysis being employed in both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of operation since the program’s stand-up in 2006. In addition to HTS, Courage Services supports USPACOM, USAFRICOM, USSOCOM, SKOPE, MCIA, and NGA, along with multiple defense and national-level customers with social-cultural research and analysis both onsite and in a reach-back capacity.


SCIA, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of CENTRA Technology that specializes in operational socio-cultural intelligence analysis and the development of advanced sociocultural dynamics training sought by universities, defense and national-level entities. SCIA was founded in 2005 to help the Department of Defense in its acquisition and analysis of sociocultural data in support of military operations worldwide. SCIA incorporates a unique blend of social science, cultural subject-matter expertise, sophisticated social network analysis, and benchmark innovative geospatial processes atop a foundation of solid all-source analysis. From 2005 to 2007, SCIA advised DIA, NGA, USSOCOM, and the USD(I) in their sociocultural/human terrain analytic programs. In 2007, SCIA moved its headquarters to Tampa, Florida to assist USCENTCOM in establishing a human terrain analysis program. Today, SCIA remains the primary provider of human terrain/sociocultural analysts within USCENTCOM’s Afghanistan/Pakistan Center of Excellence (COE). SCIA continues to fill the DoD’s intelligence gaps and strengthen its understanding of the human fabric from Afghanistan to Africa.

Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc.

Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc. (SSU) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CENTRA Technology that currently supports US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Central Command (USCENTCOM), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of the Army (DOA). SSU’s core competencies include: training and course development; joint staff and inter-agency planning, coordination and integration; multi-national combined operations planning and integration with multiple strategic allies; coaching and mentoring partner nations to perform at their highest level; joint readiness exercise support to include planning, coordination, execution and evaluation; war fighter education support services; intelligence and operational staffing support to campaign planning; multi-discipline intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination; installation, repair and maintenance of covert and overt surveillance systems in support of detainee operations.

ABZ, Incorporated

ABZ, Incorporated is a Veteran Owned Small Business with over 20 years of experience as an innovative engineering consulting firm providing responsive, high-quality, and cost-effective assistance to all sectors of the power industry. ABZ’s services include risk analyses, litigation support, management audits, operational assessments, and cost estimating. ABZ employs several unique computer programs to meet specific client needs efficiently and effectively. ABZ’s primary services are:

  • Consulting – ABZ consults with power industry managers to improve operations, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce risk. Specific areas of expertise include analysis of safety and operating practices, management audits, evaluation of specific engineering and technical issues, and organizational assessments.
  • Nuclear Power – ABZ knows how nuclear plants are designed, engineered, constructed, operated, and maintained. ABZ knows the regulatory process, how regulations are developed, and implemented. Clients have relied on ABZ’s expertise for planning, management re-organizations, risk assessments, and improving plant performance.
  • Decommissioning – ABZ prepares decommissioning plans and cost estimates. Specific tasks include preparation of the decommissioning plan, estimating the cost of decommissioning, developing decommissioning scenarios and strategies, providing oversight during decommissioning, and independent assessments of cost estimates and schedules.
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis – ABZ assists nuclear utility risk managers with decisions related to the appropriate amount of nuclear insurance to purchase. ABZ provides risk managers with a rational basis for deciding the optimum coverage based on plant design, risk aversion, and probable accident.
  • Litigation Support – ABZ provides litigation support and expert testimony for federal, state, and private industry clients in law suits, administrative hearings, and arbitrations.


ADS provides the highest quality technical support services available, specializing in all aspects of analytical services, technology program management, systems engineering, financial management, administrative assistance, and complex graphics support. ADS combines the best technical competencies, personnel, experience, and operational knowledge to meet their customers’ day-to-day challenges and to support their customers’ future requirements. ADS’ corporate office is located in Arlington, Virginia, in the heart of the Ballston area. ADS maintains a facility clearance up to the TOP SECRET level. This site is fully equipped with a large, modern conference room (which can accommodate up to 30 persons) and additional support offices.

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is an innovative company specializing in industrial design and manufacturing as well as research and development. The company offers products and high technology support to transportation, defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and other industries. CTI currently has (either solely or jointly) over 70 patents or patents pending with topics including heat exchange, polymer composites, polyamide composites, heat sealing of polyamides, heat exchanger manufacturing processes, heat exchanger designs, heat shields, polymeric ammunition, high frequency pulse combustion and solid and hybrid rocket propulsion systems. Cesaroni Technology Incorporated has supported the US Navy (or Tier 1 prime contractors) on a number of programs some of which include:

  • NSWC – Carderock Polymeric heat exchange development for HMMWV, PSD, HTMMP, DEMOII and LVS vehicle platforms.
  • NAWC – WD Radar calibration target rockets
  • NSWC – Crane Lead-free frangible ammunition
  • L3/Titan Affordable Weapons System (booster)
  • Special Devices Inc. Tango Bravo (gas generators)
  • NSWC – Indian Head Rocket Propellants
  • DARPA Small Semi-Autonomous Missile

Corsair Engineering, Inc.

Corsair Engineering, Inc (CE) employs approximately 70 logistics engineers, program analysts, graphic designers, and technical training support staff. CE focuses on highly experienced personnel with a median experience level in excess of 15 years of military/industry experience, who are veterans of multiple defense programs with a proven track record of developing innovative and pragmatic solutions to program technical and management challenges.

Electronic On-Ramp

Electronic On-Ramp provides architectural engineering, engineering, information assurance, information security, cyber security, ethical hacking, counter intelligence (CI), independent validation and verification (IV+V) and a wide variety of training services and products to our customer base. EOR specializes in developing and maintaining complete lifecycle management solutions, and in helping the “good guys” from around the world.

GoHypersonic Inc.

Since formation in 2006, GoHypersonic Inc. (GHI) has performed hyper-sonic vehicle and engine research and development for the AFRL and DARPA. We have supported the AFRL Robust scram-jet program, TSTO study, and Gryphon System Research Study. In addition we have also supported the DARPA Falcon, HyCAUSE, and ASET programs. GHI’s research background involves the modeling, simulation, and analysis, of hypersonic vehicle and engine components. Towards modeling, conceptual designs are developed within our own multidisciplinary design and optimization framework, incorporating multiple levels of analysis fidelity. Our simulation capabilities include the evaluation of aerodynamic and structural shapes utilizing high-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods. Typical design-related analyses performed by GHI involve engine cycle performance, aerodynamic, thermal, structural, weights estimation, trajectory simulations, and cost. GHI has experience fabricating wind tunnel test models of hyper-sonic vehicle and engine components. In addition, we have just been awarded a contract for the preliminary design, detailed design, and fabrication of the AFRL HIFiRE flight 6 free-flight hyper-sonic research vehicle.

Orbis Operations, LLC

Orbis Operations, LLC (Orbis) provides innovative, tailored solutions across a wide range of government services, including training, advising, and assisting in the fields of COIN, CT, Irregular Warfare (IW), as well as intelligence collection and analysis. Our government clients include the Intelligence Community and various entities within DoD to include previous work performed under SEAPORT-E as well as an existing contract through the Navy Engineering Logistics Office (NELO). As a corporate entity, Orbis has years of past performance operating around the globe to include a cadre of IW subject matter experts currently deployed to Afghanistan. However, each of our individual operators bring decades of experience performing at the highest levels in the world’s most inhospitable locations. Our team is involved in projects at the tactical, operational and strategic levels, leveraging an unparalleled network of commercial and government contacts – national, provincial, local and tribal – to deliver unique insight critical to US national security interests. Our core competencies include counterinsurgency (COIN), counter-terrorism (CT), counterintelligence (CI) and Stability Operations (SO) advisory, assistance and training (both CONUS and OCONUS); the collection, analysis and dissemination of cultural and/or atmospheric information in austere environments; training related to intelligence and information collection; the integration of intelligence and planning functions in COIN/CT/CI.

PRICE Systems

PRICE Systems provides unbiased, cost estimating software solutions and services that automate the estimating process and deliver high-quality, accurate estimates of costs, benefits, schedule, effort and risk that take less time and money to produce. Price has provided financial modeling services to several federal agencies including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Protective Service (FPS), National Weather Service, US Army Program Executive Office and DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Saddle Butte Systems

Saddle Butte Systems (SBS) employs 8 regular and part-time engineers, program analysts, and technical support staff. SBS staff has experience on many defense programs with a proven track record of developing innovative and programatic solutions to program technical and management challenges. SBS currently provides technical expertise in logistical support for weapons systems to the CH-53K program office on site at NAVAIR, Patuxent River, MD. The general scope of SBS’s on-site support at NAVAIR Patuxent River, MD is to provide Life Cycle Support Strategy Development solutions and guidance to both legacy and new manufactured products and vehicles.

T-Bear Larson & Associates

Mr. Larson is an expert in designing flight test programs for unique vehicles with traceability to operational transition customer requirements. He has over 41 years of experience including 27 years of program and project management experience with tactical systems.

Tekla Research Inc.

Tekla Research Inc. performs a broad range of technical and programmatic support services for the Government and Corporate Customers across 18 functional areas. The staff of Tekla Research consists of highly trained skilled professionals with decades of experience in Acquisition Program Management, Combat Platform Survivability, Full Spectrum Electronic Warfare (Air, Land, and Sea) and Homeland Security Support. Our professionals have the leadership experience and technical skills necessary to provide world-class support for programs ranging from the early Concept Exploration/Refinement phase to Developmental/Operational Test and Evaluation, Production, System Deployment and Fielded System Operational Support. Tekla Research professionals know the demands of Major Acquisition Programs including the exacting science of Combat Platform and Civil Transport Vehicle Self Protection System design. Our staff fully understands the complexity behind the design, test, integration and fielding of today’s advanced technology, including cutting edge Electronic Warfare Self Defense Systems for Military and Civil Aircraft, Ships and Ground Vehicles.

Viper Technology Services, LLC

Viper Technology Services, LLC (Viper) was formed in 2002 and employs 15 engineers and support staff. Viper focuses on highly experienced personnel with an average of 15 years military/industry experience, who are veterans of multiple defense programs with a proven track record of developing innovative and pragmatic solutions to program technical and management challenges. Viper currently provides software development/modeling support and technical engineering support services to the Lockheed Martin Corporation in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, specifically to develop and deliver detailed documents, plans, reports and data as part of the Autonomic Logistics Information System Integrated Product Team (IPT).

Potomac Institute

Potomac Institute has provided support to R&D organizations such as ONR, DARPA, and the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) throughout the Institute’s history. The company conducts studies of emerging technologies, analyzes strategic directions and drafts strategic plans, and provides staff members as advisory and assistance personnel to augment existing agency resources. In addition, much of the support provided by the Institute focuses on the intersection between advanced technology and operational utility. For both ONR and DARPA, the Institute has provided extensive assistance in the operational implementation of developing technologies and systems. For DMEA, the Institute has conducted multiple studies on the future of microelectronics in the United States. For the US Air Force, the Institute conducted multiple studies designed to determine the state of, and future directions for, human systems integration activities as related to Air Force weapon systems. Information Development, Assurance and Support is one of the cornerstones of the Institute’s set of capabilities. The Institute researches, analyzes and in even drafts new policies regarding the implementation and protection of information systems. For DARPA, ONR and others, the Institute develops and/or reviews test plans, conducts test readiness reviews, conducts and/or observes tests and trials, and prepares after-action reports and analyses. Staff members have been essential to ensuring the success of multiple technology development efforts from initial program design and cost estimation, through acquisition support and proposal evaluation, to advisory contractor oversight.

Ideal Innovations, Inc.

Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3) specializes in innovative solutions for defense and security-related problems involving advanced technology, information systems, and strategic analysis. With a staff of over 350 accomplished innovators, Level III certified program managers, scientists, engineers, intelligence analysts, latent examiners, technicians, and administrators, I3’s core competencies lie in bio-metrics, forensics, Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED), smart ID cards, and access control, along with the exploration and evaluation of emerging technologies that identify persons using fingerprint, iris, face, palm, latent and voice recognition. The majority of I3’s leadership are veterans who have spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I3 supports numerous DoD organizations, including the Naval Surface Warfare Center.


SM&A is a leading professional services firm providing strategic, integrated, full-lifecycle solutions in business development and program services for government contractors. SM&A provides technical guidance, including implementation of a program approach to engineering disciplines, e.g. systems, software, electrical, structural & mechanical including documentation. SM&A integrates, coordinates, and manages program office support activities, e.g., change management, data management, configuration management, process engineering, metrics, etc. and is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining web sites, content management systems, and web-based applications using a variety of development tools and technologies. It also provides program management consulting on large/complex programs, mentors client personnel, works with project/task managers to improve program execution to schedule, budget and technical requirements, and performs many other program management duties.

SCI Consulting Services, Inc. (SCI)

SCI Consulting Services, Inc. (SCI), headquartered in McLean, VA, employs 280 full-time information technology professionals located in 15 states. SCI is a prime contractor at the Environmental Protection Agency, managing their Emergency Operations Center at Headquarters. SCI provide operational readiness and a wide range of IT, telecommunications and operations support services to the EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. SCI provides video conferencing, audio teleconferencing, data analysis and modeling, and secure information management. SCI also has IT prime contracts supporting the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security.

SMS Data Products Group, Inc.

SMS Data Products Group, Inc. engages in architecting, engineering, delivering, managing, and supporting networks, telephony, and information systems for the federal government. SMS is CMMI Level 3 Certified and its Quality Management System meets ISO 9001 standards. SMS offers project management, unified communications, network assurance, systems and storage, information assurance, asset management, and logistics services, as well as enterprise management solutions. The company also provides inter-networking services and architecture development to engineering, and designing systems and implementing IT infrastructures for the Department of Defense. It also possesses demonstrated capabilities in the areas of system safety engineering configuration management and program support.

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