SharePoint Development & Maintenance

CENTRA offers a full range of IT services to support our customers’ development of unique, restricted-access websites including project management, web development, database development, IT security (assessments and network security), information management (portals and other repositories), and network support. Whether by developing a secure site to exchange information and files or a portal site for collaborative activities with geographically dispersed team members, CENTRA enables our clients to meet their target audience in a secure, dynamic, and interactive web environment. Using SharePoint as a backbone application for full life-cycle development, our software engineers:

  • Identify specific business process workflows.
  • Extrapolate high and low-level requirements.
  • Design and develop an infrastructure in a demonstration environment for customer evaluation, critique, and further enhancement.
  • Stand-up a site.

CENTRA software engineers also:

  • Provide accesses.
  • Maintain site and data integrity.
  • Troubleshoot site access issues.
  • Document all processes, procedures, and instructions.
  • Provide one-on-one and group training on site usage.
  • Address ad hoc issues and concerns impacting site development and operations.